Effective Policy date: 09/02/2015

Students that withdraw from the driver education program or leaner permit training or road test course and short courses at Drive Line Driving class program or without class room option/online, prior to completion are entitled to a prorated refund according to the following schedule:

Withdraw prior to start: 100% .
Drive Line school can refund to the student before the training and car service for the DMV or Training Class room in Virginia.

Withdrawal after start: No Refund
School teacher or administrators are not responsible for the refund fee. Student who attend the training for one to two hours or more days at the school class-room or one by one for the leaner permit and driver training program. School fee is not refundable after joining the course.

Disclosure: Driving School and staff doesn’t grantee that after taking instruction, the student will pass the State license exam or that the student can secure a license or the student will be guaranteed employment upon completion of the course. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to call or forward you question by e-mail.

Effective Policy date: 09/02/2015