About Us

About Us


  • Drive Line , School of Driving is offering class room and Online courses and services include Free pick up and drop off !in the local area. Both courses class-room and Online certficates are available 7 days a week which is why we are considered one of the most flexible driving schools in the Town of Herndon. Drive Line "DL" understand that you need to work or go to classes and that's why Drive Line "DL" can arrange lessons during times that suit your need. Drive Line, School of Driving strive to challenge our students, of all ages, to develop techniques and skills which will enable them to drive defensively and make accurate judgments every time they get behind the wheel. Drive Line also offer special courses to teach nervous drivers and new drivers.

    Drive Line, School of Driving receive many of our students through high recommendations as well amazing outcomes of their feedback rate. Drive Line always teach responsible, professional, secure and safe driving methods which are main reason that our staff and instructors are very happy for the community roles. Drive Line School of Driving is going to offer morecourses and service to all Northern Virginia Area.

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